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Often, when things get super stressful, we have to remind ourselves to push pause and, "breathe." What's more, when we are trying to find ourselves grounded we will often practice the skill of "deep breathing." Life can get complicated and sometimes we need a little help focusing on that breath.


Suspire was born out of a vision to support the mental health of all of "us" and our communities without a cookie cutter approach. Helping us to take the time to "breathe" in ways that are meaningful and relevant to our diverse and specific needs.

Too often when looking at mental health and awareness, we end up re-stigmatizing the very same that we hope to help. 

Suspire takes individuals and their needs, while addressing them, and creates opportunity for purpose, intention, discipline, awareness and community. 

Welcome. Suspire. 


At Suspire, we understand that an environment where you can breathe is crucial. Our organizations and direct partners all use conscious digital techonology when possible to reduce our carbon footprint. We allow remote work and flexible scheduling while providing communication platforms for all of our employees, contractors, and partners. We believe this promotes a better work environment and allows for the mental health we promote from the inside out. When possible we encourage creative re-use, upcycling, and recycling, and seek to find creative and innovative ways to partner and share the message that our environment internal and external is important and must be sustainably curated for optimum benefit. Not just for us, but for those to come.


Suspire is committed to promoting health and wellness in diverse communities and spaces. We believe in giving opportunity to underserved, marginalized, socially disadvantaged partners, providers and patrons. We priortize diverse, equitable, and inclusive practice. We believe that mental health is for EVERYONE. We use our cultural influence and work alongside all quality partners, providers, and patrons. Our goal is an inclusive world where mental health and wellness is a base for healthy communication, boundaries, and interaction.

Designer & Partner Highlight

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Meet the designer.

Hi, I'm Sweeney!

I am a Brand & Web Designer. I am passionate about helping people achieve their creative goals through design. I helped create the SUSPIRE site to provide a safe space for people seeking help with their Mental Health.

Remember to Breathe <3

Contact me

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